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An essential companion for your event team.

Our solution acts as an extra arm for your box office team, cutting the overheads associated with selling disabled tickets, eliminating the need for dedicated phone lines, enabling 24/7 sales, and allowing your team to better serve your customers.

Unmatched accessibility.

We provide an unparalleled accessible selling and management experience, enabling you to better serve event attendees and empowering your management team to hire individuals with disabilities to lead these experiences.

  • Meet regulations

    Move beyond digital checklists and let experts and individuals with lived experience take the lead. Our approach not only meets but also surpasses current accessibility standards.

  • Full 360 accessibility

    We provide a comprehensive 360-degree accessible experience, enabling your management team to enjoy the same level of accessibility, thus empowering you to employ disabled individuals within your box office team.

  • Single verification

    Customers register and verify their needs just once to buy from anyone in our network, enabling you to tap into an existing community of disabled individuals and effortlessly welcome newcomers.

  • Empowering equal hires

    Our comprehensive solution eliminates obstacles to hiring disabled individuals within your team, offering opportunities to those who understand the most.

  • Disabled access tickets

    Enhance inclusivity with our industry-leading access engine, enabling effortless setup of accessible tickets through your existing concessions.

  • Essential companions

    We provide full support for plus one and plus two essential companion eligibility, empowering customers to bring their most needed companions in a low-stress manner.

Offload eligibility.

Our system manages the verification of customers' disability needs, allowing you to delegate discrimination risks to professionals and ensuring that only qualified individuals can purchase tickets.

  • Powered by Access Card

    Leveraged by The Access Card, we offer customers a straightforward and optimised verification process that's low stress. Best of all, we cover the cost of the card.

  • A better trust model

    We manage the eligibility process, enabling you to sell without the risk of accidental discrimination and with confidence that tickets are sold only to those who truly need them.

  • Built to include all

    We accommodate disabled friends and family by allowing multiple Access Cards on a single account, restoring an equal and collective booking experience.

  • Accessible parking

    Enhance your event's accessibility and convenience by streamlining the management and sale of accessible parking spaces.

Empowering event organisers.

Whether it's access-only or selling for the entire event, our solutions are customised to offer you the best-in-class tools for general admission event management.

  • Manage on any device

    Our software is accessible on any device, empowering your team to make last-minute edits when it matters most, from anywhere.

  • Real time reporting

    Receive a detailed breakdown per event of attendee demographics to enable your team to make strategic decisions regarding adjustments for your disabled customers.

  • Access rules engine

    Leverage our industry-leading accessibility engine to set up rules for disabled ticket sales, enabling you to move all disabled ticket transactions online.

  • Digital tickets

    Unleash your creativity with our extensive ticket designer, allowing you to create stunning, unique tickets for your valued customers.

  • Ticket verification

    Effortlessly scan and verify customers at the gate using our companion app, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

  • Automated invalidation

    Effortlessly process refunds or cancellations, and our system will handle everything else. With instant ticket invalidation, you can be confident that only valid ticket holders will gain entry.

  • Up sell with add-ons

    With add-on support, you can easily set up and sell additional packages, VIP experiences, and merchandise alongside tickets for each event.

  • Dynamic variables

    Simplify information updates seamlessly with dynamic variables, removing the need to re-issue tickets when event details change.

  • Dynamic data collection

    Customise the checkout forms for each event, enabling you to effortlessly collect all the necessary customer information.

  • Scheduled stock

    Set the start and end times for your sale, empowering you to sell out early bird tickets and manage the sale of remaining tickets as the event approaches.

  • Bring your own CRM

    Utilise our API or CSV exports to seamlessly integrate our system with your existing CRM, ensuring all your data is centralised and easy to manage.

  • Password protection

    Secure your events with password protection, giving you the power to control who can access your event and when.

  • Stock groups

    Group your tickets and add-ons to simplify the process of finding and purchasing them together within the customer booking experience.

  • Priority codes

    Provide discounts and offer priority access to your most valued customers with access codes. Easily set your tickets and add-ons and specify the codes required to unlock them.

  • Anti screenshot technology

    Our digital tickets are safeguarded with anti-screenshot technology, allowing your check-in team to readily identify and reject fraudulent tickets.

Empowering sales teams.

Whether it's real-time data or modern payments with instant access to funds, we ensure that the overall sales experience is straightforward and hassle-free.

  • Modern payment options

    Enjoy a seamless experience by accepting both traditional card payments and modern methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay through our integrated Stripe payment system.

  • Instant access to funds

    Our marketplace-style payment model puts you in control, providing instant access to funds and allowing you to determine when you get paid.

  • Controlled commerce

    Take full control of the commerce experience, equipped with the capability to manage valid cart timeouts and establish refund policies.

Empowering support teams.

The post-sales process should be straightforward, and managing customer data should be effortless. That's why we simplify updating customer orders, issuing refunds, and invalidating orders. Spend less time on support and more time creating unforgettable experiences.

  • Simple order management

    Effortlessly view and edit customer orders, retaining complete control over the post-sales experience, allowing you to provide the highest level of customer support.

  • Clear access information

    Empower your team for success by granting instant access to essential information across all orders and during the check-in process.

  • Command centre (Q2 2024)

    Effortlessly manage gate check-ins and after-sales orders with our team-optimised software package.

Empowering customers.

Deliver an exceptional after-sales experience that encourages customers to return for more. With Different Breed ®, we offer apps customized to meet the needs of disabled customers, making it easy for them to view orders and present digital tickets.

  • Mobile and desktop app

    Our customer experience is available as a web app, which can be installed on mobile platforms like iOS and Android, as well as on all major supported desktop operating systems.

  • Digital tickets

    Effortlessly view and securely present tickets at the door using a straightforward and user-friendly interface.

  • Managed solution

    Enjoy the advantages of our fully accessible and optimised experience without the hassle of maintaining your own customer system.

  • Order history

    Customers can access their order history, update their account details, and view their digital tickets, all from one convenient location.

  • Secure authentication

    We prioritise your security by implementing industry-standard two-factor authentication for all customers who register with us.

Meet business goals.

We recognise that finding time to train volunteers and staff on the latest disability guidelines can be challenging, potentially leading to unintentional discrimination. We take responsibility for this process, enabling customers to verify their needs once and purchase from any seller on our platform without hassle.

  • Lower box office costs

    Our solutions alleviate box office stress, empower your team to make informed decisions, and eliminate time-consuming tasks, ultimately saving you money.

  • Unlock hidden revenue

    Broaden your reach by selling to all individuals, opening the door to accessible-focused events and exploring new possibilities within your offerings.

  • Partners network

    Access the Different Breed® partner network, a community of industry experts in event accessibility, unlocking valuable resources and knowledge.

  • Connect with customers

    Gain unprecedented insights into your event attendees with detailed reporting and analytics focused on the specific disability considerations you need to address.

  • Multi-factor security

    Safeguard your business with our out-of-the-box multi-factor support, which includes email code logins along with an additional layer of authentication through mobile apps.

  • Outstanding SLA

    Our partners receive 24/7 support, direct access to our team, and a dedicated account manager to assist you in selling and fulfilling with confidence.

  • Bring the full team

    We do not charge for seats; you can bring the entire team with their own secure accounts. This allows you to scale the team as needed without the concern of additional costs.

  • Audit logs

    Experience full visibility of every change made in the system, making it easy to track your team's performance and activities effortlessly.

Simple pricing, unlimited possibilities.

Our pricing is not determined by features or functionality but is instead based on the value you receive from our platform through actual usage.

Your gateway to accessible event ticketing.

Whether you are looking for a complete ticketing solution or a platform to better connect with disabled audiences, our solutions are designed to either stand alone or complement your existing provider, operating in the following ways.

  • A young man with Down syndrome and his mentoring friend walking and talking outdoors

    Sell to disabled audiences

    A specialised mode that operates concurrently with your current provider, focused on improving accessibility for disabled customers and their caregivers. This streamlined approach ensures a customised experience, promoting inclusivity without interfering with your existing operations.

  • A group of friends enjoying an outdoor social event at a pub or beer garden. In the foreground, a man and a woman are smiling and taking a selfie, the man holding a pint of beer in one hand and his phone in the other. To their left, a woman in a motorized wheelchair is laughing and clinking glasses with someone outside of the frame.

    Sell to everyone

    Adopt a comprehensive solution tailored to handle all your event ticketing requirements, merging the benefits of selling to disabled audiences with the option to broaden sales to friends and family.