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Book some time and chat with our team about how Different Breed ® can fit into your processes and save your team time and money. We have a calendar booking tool for you to choose a date and time that works best for you.

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Fill out the form below and let us know how we can best cater to your interest. Alternatively feel free to reach out to us by email: [email protected]

Be Inspired By Our Demo Events

Experience the innovation of Different Breed ® with our example events below. We blend the best of general admission with unparalleled accessibility features.

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  • A vibrant music festival with a large stage illuminated by colorful lights and an enthusiastic audience enjoying the event."

    Clanton Festival

    Join the fictional Clanton Festival with day or weekend tickets. Designed for all, with various accessibility options.

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  • A singer performing on stage under blue lights, passionately singing into the microphone with a dark, starry background.

    Elder-grass Rime

    Experience the fictional Elder-grass Rime music event from an exclusive raised platform. Unique vantage point tickets available.

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  • A performer in a colorful, patterned dress holding an orange and white mask, set against a backdrop of historic architecture.

    The Lion Queen

    Enjoy The Lion Queen, a fictional theatre performance with relaxed shows tailored for individuals with access needs.

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You can also create a customer account, set up an access passport, and experience the entire customer purchase journey from start to finish.

A Sophisticated Solution Priced To Work For You

Become an adopter of Different Breed ® and join an existing client base of happy event organisers providing the best possible experience for disabled attendees.