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Unlimited possibilities and free to use

We charge a booking fee to the customer that starts at 4% + £1 per paid item. This fee helps us cover costs, keep our platform free for event promoters, and ensure an accessible and seamless experience for every attendee.

Unbelievable value

We serve as a beacon of hope for making significant improvements in accessibility at events. By bringing together top-tier providers and solutions, we allow event organisers to delegate the complex aspects of their operations to those with firsthand experience. In essence, a modest annual fee empowers your team and supports our mission to create a more inclusive future, starting today.

  • Meet regulations

    Move beyond digital checklists and let experts and individuals with lived experience take the lead. Our approach not only meets but also surpasses current accessibility standards.

  • Full 360 accessibility

    We provide a comprehensive 360-degree accessible experience, enabling your management team to enjoy the same level of accessibility, thus empowering you to employ disabled individuals within your box office team.

  • Access rules engine

    Leverage our industry-leading accessibility engine to set up rules for disabled ticket sales, enabling you to move all disabled ticket transactions online.

  • Empowering equal hires

    Our comprehensive solution eliminates obstacles to hiring disabled individuals within your team, offering opportunities to those who understand the most.

  • Lower box office costs

    Our solutions alleviate box office stress, empower your team to make informed decisions, and eliminate time-consuming tasks, ultimately saving you money.

  • Unlock hidden revenue

    Broaden your reach by selling to all individuals, opening the door to accessible-focused events and exploring new possibilities within your offerings.

  • Bring the full team

    We do not charge for seats; you can bring the entire team with their own secure accounts. This allows you to scale the team as needed without the concern of additional costs.

  • Partners network

    Access the Different Breed ® partner network, a community of industry experts in event accessibility, unlocking valuable resources and knowledge.

  • Outstanding SLA

    Our partners receive 24/7 support, direct access to our team, and a dedicated account manager to assist you in selling and fulfilling with confidence.

Engage with the 14.1 million people with disabilities in the UK, who hold a remarkable spending power of £274 billion and are seeking equal access to events like yours. This is an opportunity to expand inclusively and meet the growing demand for accessibility.

Payment processing fees.

The pricing plans above show our fees. In order to take payments online via credit or debit card you will also need a payment processor and they charge a small payment processing fee.

We have partnered with Stripe to make this as easy and cost effective as possible.

Country / RegionLocal ChargesPremium Card ChargesInternational Charges
UK1.5% + £0.201.9% + £0.203.25% + £0.20
US2.9% + $0.30N/A4.4% + $0.30
Eurozone1.5% + €0.251.9% + €0.253.25% + €0.25
Canada2.9% + C$0.30N/A3.5% + C$0.30
Australia1.75% + A$0.30N/A2.9% + A$0.30

Additional information on payment processing fee's and information on other supported countries can be found on stripes documentation.

* Please note that fees displayed may vary.

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