Our Mission

Create experiences that tear down barriers.

It all started with a stammer

Battling with a stammer his entire life, our founder Craig has felt first-hand the crushing feeling of never being able to truly express himself to others and the anxiety that comes with daily life interacting with the world around him.

A bald man with glasses and a beard smiling.
An artistic piece of two multi-coloured hands touching.

And the desire to be treated as an equal

He sees the hardships faced by those with impairments using the web and aims to challenge businesses to create experiences that are accessible to all people.

15% of the world's population have an Impairment / disability. Over 14.1 Million in the United Kingdom alone.

- World Health Organisation

But accessibility is still treated as an afterthought by most businesses.

We See A Different Future

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    A world where digital experiences remove barriers.

    Where technology can bring us closer together and empower people with impairments to be equal online. Creating a world where brands can build lasting relationships with all their customers, and no one is left out.

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    Where brands connect on a human level.

    Where inclusive design helps brands build lasting relationships with customers, treating them as more than just numbers on a chart and building experiences driven by the user experience, not profit.

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    And equality is no longer an ask, it’s an expectation.

    Where people are treated as equals regardless of race, gender, creed or impairment. Through technology and education, we can embrace a new world where people can have the same opportunities, be genuinely connected with the world and express themselves without limitations.

Formed From Values

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    Empowering Accessibility

    We are trying to push the world towards understanding that accessibility is more than just offering additional features or packages. It’s about catering for every part of a journey to enable us all to be equal.

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    Driven By Meaningful Experiences

    We believe that the person's experience should drive decision-making and chart the path to follow. We want to help brands focus on building more meaningful relationships with their customers.

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    Powered By Technology

    We utilise current and future technology to knock down barriers to entry and build experiences that promote equality both online and in person.

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    Focused On Impact

    Our team is passion-driven and determined to bring to market solutions that positively impact people and societies. We remove high-priced equipment and retainers by delivering robust solutions focusing on the value we can provide.

Our Leadership Team

Our small creative team champions inclusion and equality. Together we truly are a Different Breed ®

  • A bald man with glasses and a beard smiling.

    Craig Pryde

    (He/Him) Founder

    Multi-award-winning software engineer and accessibility advocate with a passion for inclusive design.

  • Woman with black hair wearing a tartan shirt and smiling.

    Pauline Quoy

    (She/Her) Co Founder & CPO

    Strategic visionary with a specialisation in product/project management and delivery.

Our Commitments

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    Sustainability Commitment

    Our mission at Different Breed ® is to create experiences that tear down barriers and empower people to be treated equally. This being said, there is little point in our mission if it can’t be shared with future generations.

  • 5 small polar ice caps floating on water.

    Sustainable Development Goals.

    At Different Breed ®, we aim to maximise our efforts to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a business, we are committed to building a more sustainable future for the next generation.