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We are of a Different Breed ®

At Different Breed ®, ambition meets empathy in our mission to create a more equal world. Founded from a personal journey overcoming stammering, we strive to empower and inspire. Discover our story and join the movement towards inclusivity.

Our founder craig, standing hugging artists Matt and Kim at a concert

Approaching an existing problem from a new perspective.

Explore the personal story of our founder, Craig, who grew up with a stammer. Discover how this hidden disability influenced his life and inspired the core values of Different Breed ®

Our Mission

Create experiences that break down barriers and bring people together.

The values that drive our mission and purpose.

A woman florist hugging her young colleague with Down syndrome in garden centre.

Empowering accessibility

To lead by example and push the world towards recognising that it equality encompasses more than just additional features or packages, but rather the provision of equal opportunities throughout every journey.

We see a space that is crying out for innovation that can enable creativity to promote inclusivity and equality.

Our Journey

Grafitti on the side of a building picturing a man in a beanie hat holding a robbin bird in his hand.
  • 2019


    Founded with a mission to harness the power of technology, Different Breed ® sets out to revolutionise accessibility within the events industry.

  • 2020

    Taking a risk on the future

    Pandemic hits, everything closes and the future of events is uncertain. Our team believes in the mission, doubles down and extends our roadmap.

  • 2021 - 2023

    Building On Top of Solid Foundations

    We continue to build our platform, grow our team and work with our partners to create a more accessible world.

  • 2024


    We launched our platform to the world and began our journey to set a new standard for reasonable adjustments in the events space.

A map of the world with pins in the locations of our team members within the United Kingdom and France.

Our small multinational team that champions inclusion and equality.

  • A man with black hair and round glasses, looking to the side smiling.

    Craig Pryde

    Founder & CEO

    Award-winning software engineer and accessibility advocate with a passion for creating a more inclusive future for events.

  • A man with short hair, wearing a black suit jacket smiling.

    Daniel Cook


    Experienced manager in the sports and live events sector, deeply committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering inclusive events.

  • A Woman with blonde hair and black glasses wearing a pink cardigan smiling

    Lousie Parry


    Seasoned ticketing professional, Passionate about creating an inclusive and accessible theatre experiences, with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • A man with short hair and glasses sitting at a computer desk smiling

    Dave Powell


    Seasoned ticketing expert with 30 years of experience in orchestrating large-scale events and optimising their underlying systems.

  • A woman with blonde hair, wearing a black jacket and orange scarf smiling

    Katie Blake


    Seasoned brand consultant and PR expert, Katie Blake, combines her deep industry passion with a proven success record for leading brands, making her a powerhouse in the events and attractions sector.

  • This is an image of a woman with a confident expression. She has medium-length brunette hair styled straight with a side parting. Her skin tone is fair, and she has subtle makeup on, including what appears to be mascara and a soft pink lipstick. She is looking directly at the camera with a slight smile. The woman is wearing what seems to be a light grey top or dress with a rounded neckline. The background is nondescript and blurred, putting the focus on her.

    Anna Wiseman


    Anna has been committed to creating inclusive spaces and experiences throughout her career in the culture and entertainment sectors. Her tenure in the ticketing industry is distinguished by her success in forging strategic partnerships for top-tier ticketing companies.

  • Brittish Short hair cat sleeping curled up on computer chair.

    Leia Pryde

    Director of Purr-spectives

    Inspires creativity by engaging in quirky behavior like sitting on keyboards or gazing thoughtfully.

A woman and a girl looking at a laptop

“Through a shared mission, we challenge the status quo in a culture that encourages learning

Craig Pryde


From designers and engineers to product and account managers, everyone at Different Breed ® works to create a more inclusive future for events.

Our commitments to the sustainable development goals.

Happy group of people, friends hanging out in the city waving LGBT with pride flag

Gender equality

Different Breed ® is dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture where individuals are accepted and valued for who they are, regardless of their circumstances.

We prioritise equality in digital experiences and within our organisation, ensuring that gender, race, or creed do not affect suitability or compensation. Our mission extends to championing the LGBTQ+ community and women in technology, driving industry-wide change and providing opportunities for talent at all levels, while actively combating discrimination based on personal identity.

At Different Breed ®, we aim to maximise our efforts to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a business, we are committed to building a more sustainable future for the next generation.