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Accessible Ticketing Solutions For Events

A comprehensive and scalable ticketing solution for general admission that's built around disabled customers needs. You can run Different Breed ® as a standalone solution, catering to all attendees or alongside your existing ticketing partner to offer a best in class experience to disabled attendees.

Different Breed's accessible ticketing interface showing linked passports, tailored tickets, and general concessions available for booking, ensuring verified user needs.

Industry Leading Adjustments For Disabled Audiences

Our industry leading Access Rules and a strong partnership with the Access Card make it simple for customers to self-declare and verify eligibility across multiple access needs.

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  • Essential Companions (+1 & +2)

    Remove lengthy companion applications and make tickets instantly available to eligible individuals, protecting against misuse and eliminating the risk of discrimination.

  • Optimise For Event Layouts

    Easily sell tickets based on your event layout with configurable options for mixing wheelchair, assistance animals, viewing platform and essential companion allocations.

  • Partnered With Access Card

    Through our partnership with The Access Card, we offer your customers a straightforward and optimised verification process that is low-stress. Best of all, we cover the cost of the card.

  • Single Journey

    Accommodate disabled friends and family by allowing multiple Access Cards on a single account, restoring an equal and collective booking experience.

Different Breed's sales dashboard showing revenue, attendees, tickets sold, and add-ons sold, offering detailed analytics and real-time reporting for data-driven decisions.

Use Data To Drive Inclusive Decisions

See ticket and add-on sales / demand in real time and provide your team with the data to make key decisions that drive revenue and create unforgettable experiences.

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  • Real-Time Reporting

    Receive a detailed breakdown of attendee demographics for each event, enabling your team to make strategic decisions regarding adjustments for your disabled customers.

  • Dynamic Data Collection

    Customise checkout forms for each event, allowing you to effortlessly collect all necessary customer information to prepare for their arrival.

  • Connect With Customers

    Gain unprecedented insights into your event attendees with detailed reporting and analytics focused on the specific disability considerations you need to address.

  • Import Into Your Existing CRM

    Utilise our easy CSV exports to quickly import all your customer data into your existing CRM, ensuring you retain a full view of all customers.

Different Breed's accessibility preferences panel with options for Seizure Safe, Vision Impairment, ADHD Friendly, and Cognitive Disability, along with content adjustments for better user experience.

Tailored To Your Customers

Our best-in-class sales experience is optimised and fully user-customisable, ensuring attendees have the best possible experience whatever their needs.

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  • Create New Opportunities

    It's now easier than ever to create and sell tickets to events designed specifically for disabled audiences such as relaxed performances and sensory experiences.

  • Customisable Experience

    Allow customers to change the interface to suit their individual needs with complete control over colours, fonts and other assistive enhancements that drive their experience when interacting with Different Breed ® online.

  • Single Verification

    Customers register and verify their needs just once to buy from any event organiser in our network. This enables you to tap into an existing community of disabled individuals and effortlessly welcome newcomers.

  • Digital Tickets

    View and present tickets at the door using a straightforward, secure and user-friendly interface.

Different Breed's accessible ticketing system displaying a digital ticket for Craig Pryde with details such as ticket type, reference number, and event information for Clanton Festival 2023. The interface also shows attendee status updates and a history of ticket use.

Built To Support Your Business

Whether it's access-only or selling for the entire event, our solutions are customised to offer you the best-in-class tools for general admission event management.

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  • Lower Box Office Costs

    Our solutions alleviate box office stress, empower your team to make informed decisions, and eliminate time-consuming tasks, ultimately saving you money.

  • Unlock Hidden Revenue

    Broaden your reach by selling to all individuals, opening the door to accessibility-focused events and exploring new possibilities within your offerings.

  • Access Control

    Easily import our barcodes into your existing system, allowing customers a seamless experience with our digital tickets. Provide your team with key accessibility information upon arrival.

  • Meet Regulations

    Move beyond digital checklists and let experts and individuals with lived experience take the lead. Our approach not only meets but surpasses current accessibility standards.

Different Breed's event ticketing system interface showing ticket booking options for Clanton Festival, eligibility for accessible tickets, and a summary of selected tickets in the cart for a seamless experience.

Cutting Edge Ticketing Technology

All the best parts of general admission ticketing, wrapped in a layer of inclusivity never seen before in our industry.

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  • Manage On Any Device

    Our software is accessible on any device, empowering your team to make last-minute edits when it matters most, from anywhere.

  • Co-branding And Promo Codes

    Present your brand at key moments with support for your logo on emails and complete control over event media. Offer discounts and priority access to valued customers with customisable promo codes.

  • Stock Groups And Scheduled Sales

    Group your tickets to simplify the customer booking experience. Set start and end times for your sale, managing early bird tickets and sales as the event approaches.

  • Simple Order Management

    Effortlessly view and edit customer orders, retaining complete control over the post-sales experience to provide the highest level of customer support.

  • Modern Payment Options And Instant Access to Funds

    Enjoy a seamless experience with both traditional card payments and modern methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay via our integrated Stripe system. Our marketplace-style payment model provides instant access to funds, allowing you to choose when you get paid.

  • Automated Invalidation And Ticket Verification

    Effortlessly process refunds or cancellations with instant ticket invalidation, ensuring only valid ticket holders gain entry. Use our companion app for easy scanning and verification at the gate.

  • Anti-Screenshot Technology And Password Protection

    Our digital tickets are safeguarded with anti-screenshot technology to prevent fraud. Secure your events with password protection, controlling access to your event.

  • Multi-Factor Security

    Safeguard your business with our out-of-the-box multi-factor support, including email code logins and additional authentication through mobile apps.

Be Inspired By Our Demo Events

Experience the innovation of Different Breed ® with our example events below. We blend the best of general admission with unparalleled accessibility features.

Demo Events: Now Showing Slide 1
  • A vibrant music festival with a large stage illuminated by colorful lights and an enthusiastic audience enjoying the event."

    Clanton Festival

    Join the fictional Clanton Festival with day or weekend tickets. Designed for all, with various accessibility options.

    View Demo Event

  • A singer performing on stage under blue lights, passionately singing into the microphone with a dark, starry background.

    Elder-grass Rime

    Experience the fictional Elder-grass Rime music event from an exclusive raised platform. Unique vantage point tickets available.

    View Demo Event

  • A performer in a colorful, patterned dress holding an orange and white mask, set against a backdrop of historic architecture.

    The Lion Queen

    Enjoy The Lion Queen, a fictional theatre performance with relaxed shows tailored for individuals with access needs.

    View Demo Event

You can also create a customer account, set up an access passport, and experience the entire customer purchase journey from start to finish.

A Sophisticated Solution Priced To Work For You

Become an adopter of Different Breed ® and join an existing client base of happy event organisers providing the best possible experience for disabled attendees.