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Allocate Assistive Technology & Sell Add-ons

Sell directly or take reservations from attendees with specific needs quickly and easily online. Whether it's for disabled parking passes, merchandise or fast-track entry, attendees can select what they need during booking. Save time and money while boosting revenue by maximising attendee purchases.

A mobile app interface showing an "Access Passport" for Craig Pryde, listing various add-ons like sensory kits and guide dog relief area passes. The screen has a dark background with bright accents, and it details different event enhancements and booking options.

Complete Stock Management Solution

We have designed a stock management solution built from the ground up for events. This system can operate alongside your ticketing software or as a standalone solution, handling everything from eligibility to allocation. Customers can redeem on event day with an offline QR code scanned by an app, making it simple for your team.

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  • Offline Digital QR Codes

    Customers receive offline-compatible QR codes, ensuring add-ons can be redeemed even without wifi access.

  • Dedicated Stock Check-In

    Seamlessly manage the collection and return of add-ons with our dedicated system, ensuring efficient handling of equipment.

  • Export Sales

    Easily export sales to CSV or XLSX formats for integration with your inventory system, or manage everything directly through Different Breed ®.

  • Real Time Inventory Tracking

    Monitor stock levels in real-time to ensure you never run out of essential items and make informed decisions quickly.

A screenshot of the order add-ons dashboard showing a list of ordered items including Disabled Parking Passes, Sensory Kits, and Quiet Zone Access. Includes columns for Title, Reference, Payment ID, Attendee, and Delivery Method.

Automate Allocation Of Assistive Add-ons

Make it simple for customers to reserve the resources and equipment that complete their experience. List everything from disabled parking permits to sensory packs and let customers self-serve based on their needs.

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  • Reserve Assistive Technology

    Allow customers to easily reserve and collect assistive technology like hearing loops, mobility scooters, and wheelchairs. Track allocations and returns with our organiser platform.

  • Allocate Disabled Parking

    Simplify the booking of disabled parking spaces with access rules that ensure spaces are reserved for eligible attendees, preventing misuse.

  • Accessible Glamping

    Sell accessible tents with options like raised profile beds and medical fridges. Allow eligible customers to define their needs easily.

  • Data Collection

    Use our flexible checkout forms to collect data that helps your team manage add-on allocation effectively. From licence plate numbers to details about assistance animals, we simplify the process for both you and your customers.

A screenshot of the Different Breed ® app interface for managing accessibility enhancements. Shows options for selecting and adding a Disabled Parking Pass and an Accessible Seating Upgrade. Includes attendee details and variant selection for each add-on.

Convenience For Your Attendees

Enhance the overall experience for your attendees with convenient add-ons that simplify event participation. Streamline entry processes and provide necessary amenities to ensure a smooth and enjoyable event for all.

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  • Fast-Track Entry

    Allow attendees to skip lines with fast-track entry passes for a quick and hassle-free arrival.

  • Secure Medication Storage

    Provide secure storage for attendees medications, offering peace of mind and ensuring their health needs are met.

  • Book Accessible Transport

    Offer reservations for accessible shuttle services, ensuring smooth transportation for attendees with mobility challenges.

  • Meet and Greet Opportunities

    Arrange sessions with performers, speakers, or special guests, providing a unique and memorable experience.

A screenshot of the add-ons management interface allowing the creation and management of various add-ons. Shows a list of available add-ons like Accessible Restroom Pass, Comfort Kit, and Mobility Scooter Rental. Includes options for setting variant names, pricing, and quantities.

Streamlined Merchandise Management

Boost your events appeal by offering add-ons that elevate the overall attendee experience. Provide exclusive access to premium amenities, adding value and enjoyment for everyone.

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  • Effortless Inventory Management

    Track merchandise levels in real-time to avoid running out of popular items and quickly restock as needed.

  • Express Merchandise Pickup

    Enable attendees to pre-order event merchandise and pick it up at a designated express counter, avoiding long waits.

  • Customisable Merchandise Options

    Offer a range of customisable merchandise options that attendees can personalise and order in advance, increasing engagement and driving revenue.

  • Integrated Sales Reporting

    Access detailed sales reports and analytics to track merchandise performance, helping you make data-driven decisions and optimise offerings.

Be Inspired By Our Demo Events

Experience the innovation of Different Breed ® with our example events below. We blend the best of general admission with unparalleled accessibility features.

Demo Events: Now Showing Slide 1
  • A serene campsite in a forest with a large tent at the center, surrounded by tall trees and lush greenery.

    Clanton Festival - Access Enhancements

    Enhance your fictional Clanton Festival visit with specialised accessibility add-ons for a seamless experience.

    View Demo Event

  • A competitive field hockey match with players actively engaged in the game, one in black controlling the ball and others in light blue defending.

    The Lions vs The Foxes

    Watch the fictional sports game between The Lions and The Foxes with automated accessible pass allocation.

    View Demo Event

  • A performer in a colorful, patterned dress holding an orange and white mask, set against a backdrop of historic architecture.

    The Lion Queen

    Enjoy The Lion Queen, a fictional theatre performance with relaxed shows tailored for individuals with access needs.

    View Demo Event

You can also create a customer account, set up an access passport, and experience the entire customer purchase journey from start to finish.

A Sophisticated Solution Priced To Work For You

Become an adopter of Different Breed ® and join an existing client base of happy event organisers providing the best possible experience for disabled attendees.