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Sell to everyone.

Adopt a comprehensive solution tailored to handle all your event ticketing requirements, merging the benefits of access exclusive with the option to broaden sales to friends and family. This is ideal for those in search of a unified, inclusive platform to simplify ticket sales for every attendee.

A group of friends enjoying an outdoor social event at a pub or beer garden. In the foreground, a man and a woman are smiling and taking a selfie, the man holding a pint of beer in one hand and his phone in the other. To their left, a woman in a motorized wheelchair is laughing and clinking glasses with someone outside of the frame.

Deliver your best event experience.

Whether it's access-only or selling for the entire event, our solutions are customised to offer you the best-in-class tools for general admission event management.

  • Manage on any device

    Our software is accessible on any device, empowering your team to make last-minute edits when it matters most, from anywhere.

  • Real time reporting

    Receive a detailed breakdown per event of attendee demographics to enable your team to make strategic decisions regarding adjustments for your disabled customers.

  • Dynamic data collection

    Customise the checkout forms for each event, enabling you to effortlessly collect all the necessary customer information.

  • Up sell with add-ons

    With add-on support, you can easily set up and sell additional packages, VIP experiences, and merchandise alongside tickets for each event.

  • Instant access to funds

    Our marketplace-style payment model puts you in control, providing instant access to funds and allowing you to determine when you get paid.

  • Bring your own CRM

    Utilise our API or CSV exports to seamlessly integrate our system with your existing CRM, ensuring all your data is centralised and easy to manage.

Mobile ticket display from Different Breed showing a QR code for event entry. Below the QR code, the ticket is issued to 'CRAIG PRYDE' with an accessibility icon for audio description. The event is 'Clanton Festival 2023: A Celebration of Music and Performing Arts' scheduled for Friday, 29 December 2023, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Modern ticketing.

  • Digital tickets

    Unleash your creativity with our extensive ticket designer, allowing you to create stunning, unique tickets for your valued customers.

  • Ticket verification

    Effortlessly scan and verify customers at the gate using our companion app, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

  • Anti screenshot technology

    Our digital tickets are safeguarded with anti-screenshot technology, allowing your check-in team to readily identify and reject fraudulent tickets.

All the best parts of general admission ticketing, wrapped in a layer of inclusivity never seen before in our industry.

Sell your stock, your way.

Collaborate across your internal teams to develop the best sales strategy, and then implement the experience using our best-in-class commerce features.

  • Stock groups

    Group your tickets and add-ons to simplify the process of finding and purchasing them together within the customer booking experience.

  • Priority codes

    Provide discounts and offer priority access to your most valued customers with access codes. Easily set your tickets and add-ons and specify the codes required to unlock them.

  • Scheduled stock

    Set the start and end times for your sale, empowering you to sell out early bird tickets and manage the sale of remaining tickets as the event approaches.

Screen showing the Different Breed website with an event page for 'Clanton Festival 2023: A Celebration of Music and Performing Arts'. The page indicates that access tickets are available and lists various accessibility icons. A message indicates eligibility for access tickets linked to the user's account.

Provide a great customer experience.

  • Provide a great customer experience

    Our customer experience is available as a web app, which can be installed on mobile platforms like iOS and Android, as well as on all major supported desktop operating systems.

  • Modern payment options

    Enjoy a seamless experience by accepting both traditional card payments and modern methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay through our integrated Stripe payment system.

  • Managed solution

    Enjoy the advantages of our fully accessible and optimised experience without the hassle of maintaining your own customer system.

Simple pricing, unlimited possibilities.

Our pricing is not determined by features or functionality but is instead based on the value you receive from our platform through actual usage.