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Sell to disabled audiences.

A specialised mode that operates concurrently with your current provider, focused on improving accessibility for disabled customers and their caregivers. This streamlined approach ensures a customised experience, promoting inclusivity without interfering with your existing operations.

A young man with Down syndrome and his mentoring friend walking and talking outdoors

Unmatched accessibility.

We provide an unparalleled accessible selling and management experience, enabling you to better serve event attendees and empowering your management team to hire individuals with disabilities to lead these experiences.

  • Meet regulations

    Move beyond digital checklists and let experts and individuals with lived experience take the lead. Our approach not only meets but also surpasses current accessibility standards.

  • Full 360 accessibility

    We provide a comprehensive 360-degree accessible experience, enabling your management team to enjoy the same level of accessibility, thus empowering you to employ disabled individuals within your box office team.

  • Single verification

    Customers register and verify their needs just once to buy from anyone in our network, enabling you to tap into an existing community of disabled individuals and effortlessly welcome newcomers.

  • Empowering equal hires

    Our comprehensive solution eliminates obstacles to hiring disabled individuals within your team, offering opportunities to those who understand the most.

  • Disabled access tickets

    Enhance inclusivity with our industry-leading access engine, enabling effortless setup of accessible tickets through your existing concessions.

  • Essential companions

    We provide full support for plus one and plus two essential companion eligibility, empowering customers to bring their most needed companions in a low-stress manner.

Screen displaying the 'Access Rules' section of the Clanton Festival 2023 event on the Different Breed platform. The table lists various accessibility options such as 'Audio Described', 'Assistance Dogs', and 'Wheelchair Seating' marked as enabled for all performances. An 'Access Settings' section is also visible, indicating customizable settings for the event

New possibilities.

  • Easily define your access rules

    Leverage our industry-leading accessibility engine to establish disabled ticket rules, allowing you to move all disabled ticket sales online.

  • Access only events

    Consider hosting additional events on your quieter days, specifically tailored for the disabled community, and make relaxed performances a regular occurrence to attract new customers.

  • Connect with event goers

    Offer enhanced experiences for customers who require additional support without traditional overheads or costs.

Our market leading accessible booking experience removes the risk of accidental discrimination and transforms your multi-day access application into an experience that takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

Offload eligibility.

Our system manages the verification of customers' disability needs, allowing you to delegate discrimination risks to professionals and ensuring that only qualified individuals can purchase tickets.

  • Powered by Access Card

    Leveraged by The Access Card, we offer customers a straightforward and optimised verification process that's low stress. Best of all, we cover the cost of the card.

  • A better trust model

    We manage the eligibility process, enabling you to sell without the risk of accidental discrimination and with confidence that tickets are sold only to those who truly need them.

  • Built to include all

    We accommodate disabled friends and family by allowing multiple Access Cards on a single account, restoring an equal and collective booking experience.

  • Accessible parking

    Enhance your event's accessibility and convenience by streamlining the management and sale of accessible parking spaces.

Screen displaying the 'Sales Dashboard' for Clanton Festival 2023 on the Different Breed platform. The dashboard shows revenue of £29,503.94, 23 attendees, 20 tickets sold, and 2 add-ons sold. Graphs depict 'Tickets Sold' and 'Add-ons Sold' with filters for performance dates below.

Meet your business goals.

  • Lower box office costs

    Our solutions alleviate box office stress, empower your team to make informed decisions, and eliminate time-consuming tasks, ultimately saving you money.

  • Unlock hidden revenue

    Broaden your reach by selling to all individuals, opening the door to accessible-focused events and exploring new possibilities within your offerings.

  • Connect with customers

    Gain unprecedented insights into your event attendees with detailed reporting and analytics focused on the specific disability considerations you need to address.

Simple pricing, unlimited possibilities.

Our pricing is not determined by features or functionality but is instead based on the value you receive from our platform through actual usage.