Media Management

Full-featured media management empowers your team to build a library of images to use across events, all managed in one place.

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Optimised media manager

  • Build A Gallery

    Create an organised library of images that can be applied across all your events.

  • Bulk Upload

    Save time by uploading all your images at once. We handle the heavy processing and provide optimised assets ready for use in your events.

  • Credit Authors

    Built-in support to offer credit to the author of the images you use.

Integrated with Unsplash

Our platform integrates with Unsplash to bring the power of over 1 million free-to-use stock photos into your hands. Regardless of your budget, you can now be rest assured your events can be visually stunning.

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Powerful Image API

Powered by IMIGIX, We provide a full-featured image processing API that allows you to resize, adjust quality, crop and much more on demand and in real-time.

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Auto-Generated Alt Text

Using the power of computer vision to bring auto-generated alternative text to your images, allowing you to provide a more accessible experience at no extra cost or effort.

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Let's work together to make a difference

We are looking for help from industry professionals to try out our software and provide their thoughts. We are using this feedback to shape features and create a brighter future for ticketing.

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