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Take selling experiences to a whole new level.

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Empowering everyone to connect on a human level

  • Reduced Fees

    Enjoy reduced fees on all transactions, allowing you to maximise your earnings and minimise your costs.

  • Comprehensive Support

    Our dedicated team stands by you every step of the way, ensuring your endeavors receive the guidance and support they deserve.

  • Access New Features

    Stay ahead of the curve with free access to our platform's latest and most innovative features, ensuring you always have the best tools at your fingertips.

  • Influence Roadmap

    Have a say in our journey. Your feedback and insights play a pivotal role in determining the future direction and enhancements of our platform.

  • Priority Service

    Experience unparalleled responsiveness and care with our priority support, designed to cater to all your immediate needs.

  • Partner in Success

    We view our partnership as a collaborative endeavor. With our unwavering event support, you're empowered to achieve even greater heights.

  • Amplify Your Voice

    As influencers and key stakeholders, your voice matters. Join the conversation and help us create a platform that resonates with your needs.

  • Creative Freedom

    For our artists, venues, and promoters: dive deep into a suite of cutting-edge features that let you craft your events exactly the way you envision.

Built to power

A young man with Down syndrome and his mentoring friend walking and talking outdoors.

Ticketing for accessibile experiences

Offer enhanced experiences for customers who require additional support without incurring traditional overheads or costs. Our accessible experiences are designed to provide seamless support, meeting diverse needs with efficiency and empathy.

Ticketing teams love Different Breed ®

“A platform that will disrupt the space for the better

Jane Goddard (Box Office Manager)
Guy plays guitar, girl sings. African american man with white girl rehearsing in the studio together.
Guy plays guitar, girl sings. African american man with white girl rehearsing in the studio together.

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The values that drive our mission and purpose.

A woman florist hugging her young colleague with Down syndrome in garden centre.

Empowering accessibility

To lead by example and push the world towards recognising that it equality encompasses more than just additional features or packages, but rather the provision of equal opportunities throughout every journey.

We see a space that is crying out for innovation that can enable creativity to promote inclusivity and equality.