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A screenshot of our product showing the checkout interface across multiple devices.

Hosted Checkout

Offload the complex part of the project to an experience that's tailored for the customer.

Simplified complexity that reduces box office stress.

A screenshot of our product showing the checkout widget interface with the ability to pay using Stripe.

Modern payments powered by Stripe

Take advantage of a seamless experience by accepting both traditional card payments and modern methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay through our native Stripe integration.

A screenshot of our product showing the payout panel within Stripe.

Control your own payout schedule

Our marketplace-style payments model puts you back in the drivers seat, granting you instant access to funds and the ability to control when you get paid.

A screenshot of our product showing the ability to verify a customers access cards during ticket selection.

Built in disability verification at the time of purchase

In collaboration with Nimbus Disability and Access Card, we manage the verification of access needs, allowing you to concentrate on delivering exceptional events.

A screenshot of our product showing the checkout forms generated based on the event settings.

Collect the data you need with dynamic forms

Customise the checkout forms for each event, allowing you to gather all the necessary customer information effortlessly.

A screenshot of our product showing the checkout widget interface with a checkout button highlighted.

Simply send us the customer to checkout

Utilising our building blocks architecture, you have the freedom to construct your own unique experience until the checkout stage, after which you can seamlessly hand them off to us for the transaction.

Built to power

A young man with Down syndrome and his mentoring friend walking and talking outdoors.

Ticketing for accessible experiences

Offer enhanced experiences for customers who require additional support without incurring traditional overheads or costs. Our accessible experiences are designed to provide seamless support, meeting diverse needs with efficiency and empathy.

Ready to become a Different Breed ®? let's chat about your requirements.

Let's discuss your requirements to see if we're a match. At Different Breed ®, you're not just a customer; you drive and shape the features. We provide a solid foundation for the ticketing experience your team deserves.