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Digital Tickets & Check In

Take full control over the design of your e-tickets, complete with ticket verification.

Unforgettable experience start with a single ticket purchase.

Complete control over the look and feel of digital tickets

Unleash the power of your imagination with our comprehensive ticket designer, enabling you to craft stunning, one-of-a-kind tickets for your valued customers.

Harness the power of dynamic variables

Streamline information updates effortlessly with dynamic variables, eliminating the need to re-issue tickets when event details change.

Automated ticket invalidation when things dont go to plan

Effortlessly refund or cancel orders, and our system will take care of the rest. With instant ticket invalidation, rest assured that only valid attendees can gain entry.

Real time customer analytics

Enable real-time attendee tracking with check-in information available for each performance, empowering your team to deliver the ultimate event experience.

Seamless entry with downloadable qr-code e-tickets

Provide customers with downloadable e-tickets that can be effortlessly printed at home. Equipped with a unique QR code, our tickets are crafted for easy scanning and verification at the gate, streamlining entry and enhancing the overall experience

Built to power

A young man with Down syndrome and his mentoring friend walking and talking outdoors.

Ticketing for accessibile experiences

Offer enhanced experiences for customers who require additional support without incurring traditional overheads or costs. Our accessible experiences are designed to provide seamless support, meeting diverse needs with efficiency and empathy.

Ready to become a Different Breed ®? let's chat about your requirements.

Let's discuss your requirements to see if we're a match. At Different Breed ®, you're not just a customer; you drive and shape the features. We provide a solid foundation for the ticketing experience your team deserves.