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Take control and manage your seller profiles from a single source without the need to remember multiple passwords.

Your single account with unlimited potential.

Manage all your seller profiles from one account

A Different Breed ® account serves as a single source of truth, enabling you to effortlessly manage multiple seller profiles without the hassle of remembering various passwords.

Customise your experience

Personalise your management experience with a range of customisation options, including dyslexia-friendly fonts, custom colours, reduced animations, and much more!

Secured with two factor authentication

Available to all accounts at no cost, enhance your login security with an additional verification step to ensure it's truly you.

Real time seller profile analytics

Effortlessly track the revenue for the current month across all your seller profiles, bypassing the need to navigate through complex dashboards.

Enhanced security with token-based authentication

We employ token-based authentication, providing a secure and hassle-free login experience. Remain indefinitely logged in by accessing the platform at least once every 14 days, and enjoy seamless access without constant reauthentication.

Built to power

A young man with Down syndrome and his mentoring friend walking and talking outdoors.

Ticketing for accessibile experiences

Offer enhanced experiences for customers who require additional support without incurring traditional overheads or costs. Our accessible experiences are designed to provide seamless support, meeting diverse needs with efficiency and empathy.

Ready to become a Different Breed ®? let's chat about your requirements.

Let's discuss your requirements to see if we're a match. At Different Breed ®, you're not just a customer; you drive and shape the features. We provide a solid foundation for the ticketing experience your team deserves.