Account Management

A single account solution for all your profiles. We remove the pain of remembering passwords for multiple accounts and provide a single secure login, complete with two-factor authentication, out of the box for free.

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A single account solution for all your profiles

  • Stay Logged in

    Our enhanced authentication service lets you stay logged in permanently, enabling you to pick right back up where you left after a fun weekend.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Out the box support for two-factor authentication is provided free of charge.

  • Recent Logins

    Track and terminate recent login sessions to secure your account.

  • Audit Log

    Complete tracking of all actions performed against your account, allowing you to revert mistaken changes and detect any unusual activity quickly.

Customise Experience

Built-in customisation options to enhance experiences for all users. Enable features to help improve accessibility and customise the interface to your desired preferences.

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Single Account

All profiles on the platform can be managed from a single account. We understand the pain of remembering passwords, so we made it simple and elegant to change profiles and complete your tasks. We are built for box offices and digital agencies.

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We are looking for help from industry professionals to try out our software and provide their thoughts. We are using this feedback to shape features and create a brighter future for ticketing.

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