Sustainable Future

Commitment to a sustainable future.

Our mission at Different Breed ® is to create experiences that tear down barriers and empower people to be treated equally. This being said, there is little point in our mission if it can’t be shared with future generations.

A sustainable future.

Our mission at Different Breed ® is to create experiences that tear down barriers and empower people to be treated equally. This being said, there is little point in our mission if it can’t be shared with future generations.

To create the world we wish to live in, we must first address the problems that affect our planet and the sustainability of our future. The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to its knees and changed the world around us. But in the beauty of human perseverance, we adapted to live in a new world that we hoped would only be temporary.

It has been too easy to hide behind our digital devices and to shut the world out by consuming on-demand services. As a result, our digital personas have thrived, and our lives have moved more online. But what we have failed to see is the impact these changes have had on the world around us and the cracks that have started to show in the skeleton of societies that we have built both online and offline.

Around the world, people are experiencing the impact of the actions we take in our day to day lives and the damage we are causing to the environment. Now is the time to open our eyes. To stop consuming without thought and bring about drastic change to help slow global warming, restore balance worldwide, and protect the environments that both animals and people call home.

As a technology-led company, we need to be at the forefront of change. We can understand consumer trends and help choreograph new solutions that can positively impact the environment around us.

At Different Breed ®, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future not only for our clients, users and friends but also for the generations to come.

Craig Pryde Founder Different Breed ®


We are fully committed to promoting a culture that ensures people are accepted and valued for who they are regardless of their situation. We are founded on the core value of bringing equality within digital experiences and that equality must first start within ourselves.

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Digital Ticketing.

Our product aims to address the impact that the ticketing industry has on the planet by removing paper tickets and providing people and businesses with the ability to accept digital tickets without requiring new hardware. We believe the first step to sustainability is to give people the power to do more with what they have.

Accessible Experiences.

We believe that creating experiences to include all people by design will create more opportunities for customers and users. In addition, we want to empower people with impairments to be employed by the companies using Different Breed ® products. We see accessibility compliance as a single stepping stone on the journey to this goal. Therefore, we focus on removing technical barriers, allowing people to manage and consume our experiences on the device that empowers them and is most comfortable.

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Actively Giving Back

With each project, we commit to using a percentage of the profits to create a sustainable future for the world and improve people’s experiences who currently live in it.

  • Logo showing the words Stamma.


    Our company was born from our founder's struggle with his stammer. We wish to create experiences that promote equality online and drive accessibility at their core. Stamma is a registered charity that supports people who stammer in the UK and actively tackle the stigma, ignorance and discrimination that people who stammer often face so that they can live their life in full and with dignity.

  • Black background, white text with the words Black Lives Matter.

    Black Lives Matter

    We believe in a future for humanity without race discrimination and we pledge to support people of colour who are fighting for basic rights and the dismantling of institutional racism around the world.

  • Multi Coloured Cinema Seats


    With the performing arts sector at the heart of our business, we want to empower people to escape into the fantasy worlds created by talented writers and actors. These experiences allow us to forget about our worries for a while, step into our imaginations, and walk-in someone else’s shoes. MediCinema has one goal, to bring the transformative power of cinema into hospitals across the country and bring families and people in long term care the relief they need.

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    Mental health is very close to our hearts at Different Breed ®. We are committed to ensuring our staff feel empowered to pull the handbrake, look after themselves and take time when needed to heal. As a business, it is our responsibility to put the team first and ensure they feel safe and supported within their roles. We commit to an open policy where people can take the time they need to heal with full support from the company and its founders. Loyalty and commitment is a two-way street, and we want to ensure our employees feel both valued and a part of a team where no one gets left behind.

  • Ocean wave with the words Big Blue ocean cleanup written over the top.

    Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

    Plastic pollution in the ocean has devastated sea life around the world. Big Blue is one of the world’s leading ocean clean up non-profit organisations. They have removed millions of kilograms of plastic from the oceans worldwide and are on a mission to end ocean pollution. We understand the need to preserve the ocean and the vulnerable marine animals that call it home. By cleaning up the oceans, we can reduce pollution and help contribute to slowing down climate change. This effort is vital to preserving the ocean and the vulnerable marine animals that call it home. With these efforts, we can help recover from the damage humanity has caused and rebuild the beautiful ocean ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.

  • Animated astronaut in space floating around the earth with trees showing.

    Team Trees

    Team Trees is a collaborative fundraiser to plant trees worldwide and re-establish the environments that allow animals to thrive and repair the ecosystems that have been destroyed by deforestation and forest fires. By being part of movements like Team Trees, we can help our planet recover and reduce the carbon emissions going into the atmosphere.