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A better experience for disabled event goers.

Different Breed ® stands for the 14.1 million in the UK and the global 15%, the vibrant voices in the disabled community seeking inclusivity in a world of events not yet built for us. We break down barriers, set new standards for reasonable adjustments and help event organisers connect with and sell tickets to the disabled community.

The following video is an introduction to Different Breed ® and our movement.

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Your gateway to accessible event ticketing.

Whether you are looking for a complete ticketing solution or a platform to better connect with disabled audiences, our solutions are designed to either stand alone or complement your existing provider, operating in the following ways.

  • A young man with Down syndrome and his mentoring friend walking and talking outdoors

    Sell to disabled audiences

    A specialised mode that operates concurrently with your current provider, focused on improving accessibility for disabled customers and their caregivers. This streamlined approach ensures a customised experience, promoting inclusivity without interfering with your existing operations.

  • A group of friends enjoying an outdoor social event at a pub or beer garden. In the foreground, a man and a woman are smiling and taking a selfie, the man holding a pint of beer in one hand and his phone in the other. To their left, a woman in a motorized wheelchair is laughing and clinking glasses with someone outside of the frame.

    Sell to everyone

    Adopt a comprehensive solution tailored to handle all your event ticketing requirements, merging the benefits of selling to disabled audiences with the option to broaden sales to friends and family.

Woman at crowd raising her hand while making heart sign

Redefining reasonable adjustment.

The traditional sales experience dominating the events industry was not designed with our needs in mind. We encounter websites that are not accessible, minimal accessibility information on a single page, and tickets that are only obtainable through phone calls. We are often an afterthought, included merely as a checkbox item.

Different Breed ® is committed to addressing this issue. We are revolutionizing access ticket sales by moving them online, transforming a multi-day, stressful process into a streamlined experience that takes less than 30 minutes, specifically tailored for disabled individuals and easy for box offices to manage.

But this is just the beginning. Different Breed ® stands as a beacon of hope, a symbol of a future that is inclusive of everyone. We extend our hand to you, inviting you to join us in this movement.

We represent the 4/5 people who experience problems booking accessible tickets. The 79% put off buying due to difficulties booking for their needs.And the 73% who feel discriminated against in our industries current processes.

An essential companion for your event team.

Our solution acts as an extra arm for your box office team, cutting the overheads associated with selling disabled tickets, eliminating the need for dedicated phone lines, enabling 24/7 sales, and allowing your team to better serve your customers.

  • Offload eligibility

    Our system manages the verification of customers' disability needs, allowing you to delegate discrimination risks to professionals and ensuring that only qualified individuals can purchase tickets.

  • Meet regulations

    Move beyond digital checklists and let experts and individuals with lived experience take the lead. Our approach not only meets but also surpasses current accessibility standards.

  • No integrations required

    Get started with a 1-hour training session, then simply set up your event and direct customers to check out through our platform. That's it—no further barriers.

  • Connect with customers

    Gain unprecedented insights into your event attendees with detailed reporting and analytics focused on the specific disability considerations you need to address.

  • Run in parallel

    Sell alongside your current provider using a reserved allocation, ensuring the best possible experience for disabled customers and integrating the information seamlessly into your CRM.

  • Full 360 accessibility

    We provide a comprehensive 360-degree accessible experience, enabling your management team to enjoy the same level of accessibility, thus empowering you to employ disabled individuals within your box office team.

Our founder craig, standing hugging artists Matt and Kim at a concert

Approaching an existing problem from a new perspective.

Explore the personal story of our founder, Craig, who grew up with a stammer. Discover how this hidden disability influenced his life and inspired the core values of Different Breed ®