Ticketing Without Barriers

Empowering Inclusive Events with API-Driven Ticketing.

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Let's work together to make a difference

We are looking for help from industry professionals to try out our software and provide their thoughts. We are using this feedback to shape features and create a brighter future for ticketing.

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Why should you choose us?

With support for online and in-person events, you can trust that we are here, ready to power your digital presence regardless of your event type.

  • Completely composable

    We go beyond the basic website support and offer out-the-box support for any platform or device that can consume API data.

  • Empowering accessibility & inclusion

    We have removed all barriers from creative teams, allowing them to build experiences that can be truly inclusive.

  • Designed for box offices and event agencies

    Our platform offers the ability to run an unlimited amount of businesses, bands and artists' profiles from a single account.

  • A single solution for all current & future platforms

    Allowing brands to serve experiences across any device, both web and native using the same source.

  • Built for the modern web

    Modern technology and no technical debt allow our platform to offer cutting-edge solutions with real-time caching.

  • Better sustainability & lower fees

    We keep infrastructure costs low, allowing us to lower fees and still make a profit while also being as eco-friendly as possible.

It all started with a stammer

Battling with a stammer his entire life, our founder Craig has felt first-hand the crushing feeling of never being able to truly express himself to others and the anxiety that comes with daily life interacting with the world around him.

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Invest in Different Breed ®

We are looking for those who wish to challenge the status quo and believe in a brighter and more inclusive future for the events industry. We have a passionate and committed team, We just need the last piece of the puzzle to reach the market.