Our Focus

The Events Industry

Events allow people to escape their reality, be immersed in their imagination and be free without concern.

We see a space that is crying out for innovation that can enable creativity to promote inclusivity and equality. 

- Team Different Breed ®

We Hear & See Your Issues

  • A space plagued with legacy systems that cripple creativity.

    Embedded experiences driven by legacy technology, old standards, limited customisation options and no thought for accessibility.

  • High bounce rates and user drop-offs from slow experiences.

    Old infrastructure powering experiences and slowing down key transactions, leading to an increase in drop-offs.

  • No ability to control your own customer's experience.

    Minimal integrations or restrictions imposed lead to non-branded and non-optimised experiences that are hosted off site with no control over branding or embedded using old iframe technology.

  • Lockout users with accessible needs.

    Integrated software systems that are not accessible, lack even the basic support for assistive technology and completely lock out users with additional needs. Most box office softer only support mouse and click-based gestures, These force other user's down a telephone journey that further isolates customers who stammer, have Tourettes or are mute.

  • Mobile is an afterthought with low performance and little thought to user experience.

    Experiences are not built for mobile and are instead retro-fitted to work as an afterthought. This creates a basic experience that is not optimised for mobile users and provides the bare minimum of what's possible.

  • Yearly fees cripple budgets and lock in unhappy customers.

    Services that cost more than £10K for yearly memberships with minimal team members allowed affecting the efficiency of delivery teams. Large percentage fees on top taking away critical funds from each sale that could be used to drive the business forward.

We Bring The Change

We want to tear down existing barriers, and use modern technologies to set a new standard for the industry.

- Team Different Breed ®

Completely composable.

Tearing down all barriers to how teams manage and implement user experience's on the customer's website, empowering brands to take full control of the look and feel. We go beyond the basic website support and offer out-the-box support for any platform or device that can consume API data.

A single solution for all current & future platforms.

Our platform provides complete freedom to choose your own technology and deliver solutions without technical limitations. Allowing brands to serve experiences across any device, both web and native using the same source.

Integrations Screenshot

Built for the modern web.

Modern technology and no technical debt allow our platform to offer cutting-edge solutions with real-time caching powered by Algolia search, bringing sub 200ms responses to queries for all customers. Long gone are the days of waiting. We believe that "instant" is what drives conversion.

Better sustainability & lower fees

Offloading the user's experience to the customer means we have limited strain on our services. We simply handle passing cached data to the client and processing orders at checkout. This keeps infrastructure costs low, allowing us to lower fees and still make a profit while also being as eco-friendly as possible.

Booking Portal Website Example Screenshot

Designed for box offices and event agencies.

Our platform offers the ability to run an unlimited amount of businesses, bands and artists' profiles from a single account. Long gone are the days of different logins. We provide a simple way to navigate and streamline your workflow to increase your efficiency.

Built with mobile at the forefront.

Our platform is fully responsive and designed for mobile and tablet devices. We don't offer a degraded experience, we instead change the designed elements to ensure that when you are on the move or need to make last-minute changes on event day, you can do your task with the same level of efficiency.

Sales Dashboard Screenshot

Empowering Accessibility & Inclusion.

We have removed all barriers from creative teams, allowing them to build experiences that can be truly inclusive. Our pre-built examples and soon-to-come theme library will provide a solid foundation for developers to start with an experience that is already accessibility compliant.

Fully accessible at AA levels of compliance.

We don't want to only promote inclusion and equality for clients' customers. We want to lead the pack and ensure that you can include anyone in your team, creating more opportunities for people with impairments in the event management industry.

Customise Experience Screenshot

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