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We are looking for those who wish to challenge the status quo and believe in a brighter and more inclusive future for the events industry. We have a passionate and committed team, We just need the last piece of the puzzle to reach the market.


What We Have To Offer

  • All Registered Trademarks

    Different Breed Within the UK & EU, We Are Of A Different Breed In The UK

  • Complete Ownership Of IP

    We own 100% of the IP created and used by Different Breed.

  • Brand

    Complete ownership of the brand, logos, imagery and reputation.

  • Scalable SAAS

    Our platform is developed to be self-service, scalable, headless and tailored for box office and digital agencies.

  • Modern Technology

    All systems run on Node.js & React, built with consistency to best practice with quality assurance using Codacy Ai.

  • Domain's & Infrastructure

    An infrastructure created for scale running on Digital Ocean App Platform, Netlify & Serverless.

  • Production Ready Devops

    Pipeline integrations for automated CI/CD, running on Github Actions, deploying to the cloud and serverless.

  • Scalable Pattern Library

    Modular React pattern library using Storybook to create a collaborative experience between designers and developers.

  • ORM Based Postgres

    Production-ready Postgres database running on TypeORM, allowing typescript to drive our development workflows end to end.

We built all systems from the ground up without cutting corners. After 3 years of hard work we have a system that is ready to soar once funded.

- Team Different Breed ®

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Fill out the following form to register your interest in investing or acquiring our business. Upon receipt of the form, we will reach out to arrange an introductory chat and demo of the current platform.