Profile Management

Guides to help you get the best out of the Profile Management feature.


  • Create A Profile

    You’ll be prompted to create a profile when you first sign up to Different Breed ®.

  • Create And Manage Venues

    The venues you use are a huge part of the experience of the shows but more importantly, your fans need to know where to go!

  • Manage Team

    Each profile has the option to add team members in order to allow a collaborative approach to your Different Breed experience. You can add as many people as team members as you want.

  • Change Profile Type

    When you first created a profile you were prompted to pick the type of profile. You have the choice of either an artist/ band profile or as a venue or an organisation.

  • Update Profile Handle

    Your profile handle is an important part of your branding on Different Breed ®, it’s how people can identify you!

  • Delete Profile

    If you want to delete a profile, you first need to make sure you are the profile owner.

  • Refund Policy

    Refunds are inevitable. Sometimes it’s on the customer, plans change and life happens. It’s something you should try and make sure you’ve planned for and have a policy in place, especially if you’re running a lot of big events or you could be spending a lot of time on the paperwork and admin that comes with refunds and customer service.

  • Profile Audit Log

    The audit log shows a list of all the actions completed by the team for the profile. It helps monitor changes and allows you to look back on changes for accountability.

  • Transfer Profile Ownership

    Want to hand the reins over to another? No problem, it’s a simple process. However, before we begin, you’ll need to make sure that they’re already part of the team.

  • Support Details

    Letting customers know how they can contact you if they need help with an order is incredibly important.

  • Update Profile Details

    To edit profile details, you’re going to click on the rocket in the bottom left of your screen and select ‘profile settings’. Double check you’re on the right profile if you have multiple, you can switch by clicking on your profile picture.

  • Update Social Media

    Social media is a great way to get in touch with your fans and followers and we appreciate how important it is to you.