Verify Your Account


Congratulations you’re now part of the pack! Now you’ve just got to verify your account to get going setting up events.

When you first signed up, you had to put in your email address, this email should now have 2 new messages in the inbox. The first is titled ‘Welcome To The Pack’ and the second is ‘Confirm Your Email’.

The first email has a little introduction and some useful links so make sure to check that out before you get going.

This second email gives you a quick link to click and verify your account!

If you’ve not received either of these emails, there are some simple steps to take before contacting support.

First, go to settings in the bottom left of the screen and click ‘My Account’. This page has all your personal information, double check you did input the correct email address and update if required.

Whether you updated your email address or not, you should see a ‘resend’ button at the top of the page. Give that a click and wait a few minutes for the emails to hit your inbox!

Resend Confirmation Screenshot

Once you’ve got the link and clicked you should see a confirmation page, this means you’re all sorted and ready to go.

Verify Account Screenshot

Still having problems?

No worries, we’re here to help. Just get in touch via [email protected]