Updating Your Profile


Time for a little spruce up on your Different Breed ® profile? No problem! You can get started by going into your settings, found by clicking the small cog icon in the bottom left of your screen and clicking ‘My Account’.

Updating Your Profile Picture

Simply click ‘Change Picture’ and you’ll see a pop up of your computer’s documents to select a new image. Currently we support image files saved as .GIF .JPEG .JPG and .PNG only, any images not saved in this format can’t be uploaded but you can convert most documents into one of these formats pretty easily. Please note the image must be the size 5MB or under! Your profile picture will update automatically as soon as a file is selected and a confirmation notification will appear in the top right corner.

Profile Information Screenshot

Name and Email

To update your personal information such as name and email address, just retype in the required fields and hit update!