Two Factor Authentication


Two-factor authentication is a security measure that helps keep your account even more secure. We would always recommend using it as security is a top priority at Different Breed, but you can turn it on and off as needed. To find out how to do this, keep reading.

You’ll need an authentication app for this. Over at Different Breed, we use 1Password but there are loads out there, so find one that suits you best if you don’t already have one set up!

Turning On Two Factor Authentication

To access your security settings, you just need to look to the left of the page where your toolbar is. If it’s not there already, just click the little arrow to pull it out. Now hit security and you’re in the right place and ready to get started. We allow you to use any two-factor authentication app you want so you can easily link it into one you already have.

On the enable screen, you should be able to see a QR code. Open your chosen authentication app and simply scan the code.

Two Factor Auth Enable Screenshot

If the QR isn’t working, you can use the long code in your app instead, simply copy and paste!

Your authentication app should then give you a verification code which you can input at the lower end of the ‘Enable Two Factor Authentication’ page. The image below shows how it will look within OnePass. Back on your DifferentBreed security page, enter the code and the password for your different breed account then hit the ‘Enable’ button!

Verify Code Screenshot

Please note that different apps have different timings for how long the verification code will be valid for. If, after hitting enable, you get an unsuccessful notification, try refreshing the verification code on your chosen app.

Save Backup Code Screenshot

Make sure you take a note of the backup code provided to you when two factor authentication is enabled, it’ll come in very important if you lose access to your authentication app so please keep it stored securely!

Need a New Backup Code for Two Factor Authentication?

Sometimes things just go missing but if you’ve lost your backup code it’s not a worry. Just head back to your security settings and generate a new one! You’ll have to input your Different Breed account password to do this! Make sure to keep your new code in a safe place.

Save Backup Code Screenshot

Lost Access to Authentication App?

If you’ve lost access to your two factor authentication app you’ll not have access to your verification code and won’t be able to get into your account like usual but all is not lost!

Use Backup Code Screenshot

Click the link to ‘use your backup code’ and find the code created when you first enabled two factor authentication (hint: it should be stored in a safe place). Input that where prompted and you’re back in business! Importantly, using your code means two factor authentication is now turned off for the account. You can turn it back on whenever you want!

If you’ve lost access to your two-factor authentication app and haven’t got your backup code, you’ll need to get in touch with support via [email protected].

Disabling Two Factor Authentication

Time to turn off two factor authentication? No problem! Just head back over to your security settings page.  Click the disable button and on the next page, where prompted, input your Different Breed account password. The success notification pop-up will show once you hit disable and you’ll no longer need to input a second code when logging in!

Update Security Settings Screenshot