Remove Session


A session refers to when a user is logged into the Different Breed ® platform on a unique device. A session lasts for a period of 14 days from the last use of the platform. If a user does not access the platform once within a 14 day period the session will expire and they will be asked to log in. 

Within your account you can manage sessions and remove any if needed. This means you can remove the login credentials for any device when needed. If you remove a session, the user will be asked to log in again. 

This is super important to know if you notice a login that you don’t recognise, you can log them out then change your password to ensure your account is safe! We’d also recommend setting up two-factor authentication if you haven’t already.

Remove A Session

You’ll have to be logged in to start, then head over to your settings, found by clicking the small cog icon in the bottom left of your screen and clicking ‘My Account’. Then, on the side bar, click ‘Security’.

Security Menu Screenshot

If you scroll down a little you’ll be able to see your sessions list.

Recent Logins Screenshot

To remove a session and logout a user, you just need to hit the ‘remove session’ button under the session you want to remove. A notification confirmation will appear in the top right of the screen when a session is removed. The user whose session has been removed will be logged out as soon as the access token has timed out (which is very quickly, well under a minute).