How To Delete Your Account


We’re sorry to see you go but we understand. Here’s how to delete your account.

There’s a couple of prerequisites before you leave and some very important information we have to give you before you sign out for the last time. Please take some time to read over these.

Make sure there’s no profiles owned by you

Now if you need to pass on your profiles to others before you go, you can learn how to do that here. Of course, you might want to take those down too and you can find out how to do this here. If you still own a profile while trying to delete your account, the deletion will fail. The reason for this step is to make sure nothing is deleted by accident since absolutely nothing can be recovered after you delete!

Important Information About Deleting

Data Removal

When you delete your account, any data that can personally identify you on logs and account information is completely removed. The email you used to sign up with will become available again on the platform to create a new account if you ever want to come back. However, on audit logs the actions you have taken will continue to be visible. They will no longer be contributed to your user name though, it will show as ‘Platform User’ instead.

This Action Is Final

Account deletion is permanent. It cannot be undone nor can the account be recovered so please, please make sure you’ve tied up any loose ends before you continue.

Ready to Delete?

Okay, now you’ve got everything in order. This is how you can delete your account.

First, head over to your account management area. You can get there by clicking on the small cog at the bottom left of your screen.

Now on the profile tab, scroll down to ‘Advanced Settings’. The options may be collapsed, you can open them by clicking the small arrow icon at the right of the title.

Screenshot of the advanced settings interface.

If you’re ready to close your account, you can hit that big red ‘Close Account’ button. You’ll then see this pop-up which prompts you to enter your password and a checkbox to ensure you understand this is permanent. Yes, we keep going on about this but it really is important to know!

Close account interface

Pop in your password, check the checkbox and hit ‘Close Account’ and that’s you. You’ll be redirected back to the login screen automatically. We hope to see you again one day!