Customise Experience

Make Different Breed Feel Right For You

We’ve got a range of different settings to make your experience using Different Breed ® as comfortable as possible for your individual needs.

You can find these settings within the ‘Account Settings’ - ‘Customise Experience’ menu in the sidebar or by going to ‘My Account’ when clicking the settings cog icon above your profile picture in the lower left hand corner.

The customisations change as soon as you click on them- no need for a save and update step- so feel free to have a play about with it and see what works best for you.

Customise Experience Screenshot

Reduced Animation Preference

Turning on this setting reduces the amount of movement of the animations we use across the platform.

Site Notification Sounds

Here you can turn on and off the sound which occurs when you get a notification.

Notification Timing

This tailors the length of time a notification will be shown for.

Dyslexia Font

Turning this on changes all the text across the platform to a font which makes reading with dyslexia easier.

Font & Colour Screenshot

Font Size

Click each circle to find a font size which works best for you, from smallest to largest left to right.


This allows you to change the primary colour used across the website either to make it more suitable for your individual needs or to simply make it a prettier website for you to be on.

If there’s an accessibility setting we’ve missed, please let us know via [email protected]. We aim to be as accessible as possible and understand that accessibility is entirely unique to each and every person.