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In order to join Different Breed ®, you’re going to have to make an account with us! You can do this here. This lets you list your events as an individual artist or as a venue.  The sign-up screen will look like this:

Interface screenshot showing registration screen.

Name & Surname

This should be your name so we can identify you. If the profile for your art is going to be under a different name from yours, please just pop your name in anyway- you are able to complete profiles later for venues and band names.


As always, you should use a new password with every website for security purposes. We store your passwords with a strong hashtag algorithm to keep them secure! Your password needs to be at least eight characters long and we highly recommend using special characters and numbers.

Terms and conditions

We have a full list of Terms and conditions required to use our platform. These can be found here and act as a rule book to keep our users safe. Please make sure you give them a read over and any questions regarding the terms and conditions can be sent over to [email protected]


We require a Recaptcha to be filled out to create an account. This helps prevent fake and malicious account sign-ups and protects the overall integrity of our platform, keeping you and us safe from annoying bots.