Account Management

Guides to help you get the best out of the Account Management feature.


  • Create An Account

    In order to join Different Breed ®, you’re going to have to make an account with us!

  • How To Delete Your Account

    We’re sorry to see you go but we understand. Here’s how to delete your account.

  • Logging In

    You’re already all signed up and ready to get back to it, time to log back in! Head over to the login page.

  • Customise Experience

    We’ve got a range of different settings to make your experience using Different Breed ® as comfortable as possible for your individual needs.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    Two factor authentication is a security measure that helps keep your account even more secure.

  • Account Audit Log

    The audit log is a handy feature that allows you to assess a timeline of all the changes to your account. It’s there to help you keep track of changes in your account!

  • Update Password

    Whatever the reason, you can always quickly update your password for your account!

  • Updating Email Preferences

    Sometimes you’ll be wanting all the emails we can give and sometimes you’ll want the bare minimum- whatever you select to be the absolute most important things to need to know.

  • Verify Your Account

    Congratulations you’re now part of the pack! Now you’ve just got to verify your account to get going setting up events.

  • View Email in Browser

    For every email we send there will be a ‘view in browser’ link at the top.

  • Updating Your Profile

    Time for a little spruce up on your Different Breed ® profile? No problem! You can get started by going into your profile settings.

  • Remove Session

    A session refers to when a user is logged into the Different Breed ® platform on a unique device.