Profile Management

A simplified profile management system makes managing key profile details easy and enables your team to grow and scale without limitations.

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Simplified profile management

  • Profile Details

    Customise your profile details to show off your brand and to make your experience easily recognisable by your audience.

  • Social Media

    Link your social media profiles to enable customers to keep updated in between events.

  • Transfer

    Easily transfer ownership of your profile between team members allowing your team to grow without limitations.

  • Team Roles & Permissions

    Set roles and permissions for each team member, ensuring they have only the access they need.

  • Refund Policy

    Provide clear information to your customers about event refunds and set the defaults to be applied to each event.

  • Support Details

    Make it easy for customers to reach you with easy-to-update support details for your profile.

Unlimited Team Members

Build and scale your team without worrying about being charged higher payment tiers. We want to grow with you and empower your team to succeed without restrictions.

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Venue Management

Manage the venues associated with your profile in a single place, Removing the need to update events individually when information changes.

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Easily manage access to your profile events from APIs and set up build hooks to ensure your developers can access the information they need on any device and platform you desire.

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Audit Log

Full-featured and verbose audit log for every action performed against your profile by your team. Track team actions and easily roll back changes with ease.

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We are looking for help from industry professionals to try out our software and provide their thoughts. We are using this feedback to shape features and create a brighter future for ticketing.

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