Event Management

Take control of your events with an event management solution that works for you. Plug and play with your favourite systems and embrace the freedom to deliver best-in-class experiences for your team and users on any device and system.

Screenshot of the event dashboard user interface.


Everything you need to create kick-ass events

  • Event Details

    Optimised event details designed to keep customers informed and up to date.

  • Location

    Support for both online and in-person events.

  • Password Protected

    Protect key events with a password to offer exclusive sales to key members.

  • Customise Experience

    Easily brand our platform emails with your logo and customise your checkout experience by adding custom banners.

  • Tickets

    Concessions powered by business rules, allowing you to sell the tickets you desire in a simple and robust way.

  • Addons

    Event extra’s powered by business rules, allowing you to sell the add-ons you desire in a simple and robust way.

  • Core Fields

    Collect core information during checkout, allowing you to build out your desired after-sales experience.

  • Custom Fields

    Collect custom information during checkout, allowing you to build upon your core fields, enhancing the after-sales experience.

  • Refund Policy

    Set a clear and consistent refund policy across events and performances.

  • Multiple Currencies

    Support for all major currencies and countries.

  • Event Tracking

    Combine any tracking tool of your choice with our system analytics to get a complete end-to-end picture of your customers.

  • SEO Details

    Easily manage the appearance of your event on search engines.

  • Audit Log

    Full-featured and verbose audit log for every action performed against your profile by your team. Track team actions and easily roll back changes with ease.

Online & In-Person Events

Support both in-person and online events, Allowing you to create the event of your choice with features tailored to help you succeed.

Event Location Interface Screenshot

Tickets & Addons

Sell key concessions and event addon’s powered by business rules designed to help you have maximum control over the purchase experience.

Event Tickets Interface Screenshot


Powerful performance management streamlines creating and maintaining performance days for your events. 

Event Performances Screenshot

Design Your Event Tickets

Customisable e-tickets that allow you, regardless of budget, to offer great looking tickets for your events, complete with ticket check-in features provided by Different Breed ®.

Customise Interface Screenshot

Ticket Verification From Your Existing Device

No extra hardware is needed to check in electronic tickets. We provide ticket check-in functionality from within our platform free of charge.

Ticket Checkin Interface Screenshot

Collect Desired Customer Details

Customise your checkout experience to collect the details you need to succeed. Through core and custom fields, you can collect a variety of data for after-sales success.

Event Collected Details interface screenshot

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