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Customer Experience

Bring your customers into the modern age with our managed solution.

Leverage a network of customers already using Different Breed ®.

Centralised customer network

Seize the opportunity to benefit from our extensive customer network and unified single account architecture, providing customers with a seamless experience when making purchases from any vendor.

Mobile & desktop companion app

Our customer experience is installable as a web app on mobile platforms such as iOS & Android, as well as on all major supported desktop operating systems.

Digital tickets with built in verification

Effortlessly view and present tickets securely at the door, using a simple and user-friendly interface. You can also transfer tickets to friends after purchase.

Managed accessible solution

Benefit from our fully accessible and optimized experience, without the burden of maintaining your own customer management system.

Full access to your customers data through our open API's

Utilise our APIs to extract essential customer information, such as orders, checkout data, and key customer details, and offer a seamless integrated experience.

Built to power

A young man with Down syndrome and his mentoring friend walking and talking outdoors.

Ticketing for accessibile experiences

Offer enhanced experiences for customers who require additional support without incurring traditional overheads or costs. Our accessible experiences are designed to provide seamless support, meeting diverse needs with efficiency and empathy.

Ready to become a Different Breed ®? let's chat about your requirements.

Let's discuss your requirements to see if we're a match. At Different Breed ®, you're not just a customer; you drive and shape the features. We provide a solid foundation for the ticketing experience your team deserves.