Booking Experience

Roll out your own booking experience that integrates with Different Breed ®. We provide all the tools you need to create a great commerce experience while allowing you complete control over the payment provider and the checkout experience.

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Take full control of your booking experience.

  • Event & Performances

    Support to checkout with multiple performances and events within your cart.

  • Tickets

    Concessions powered by business rules, allowing you to sell the tickets you desire in a simple and robust way.

  • Addons

    Event extra’s powered by business rules, allowing you to sell the add-ons you desire in a simple and robust way.

  • Core Fields

    Collect core information during checkout, allowing you to build out your desired after-sales experience.

  • Custom Fields

    Collect custom information during checkout, allowing you to build upon your core fields, enhancing the after-sales experience.

  • Payment Status

    Set the payment status, allowing you to easily handle pre-purchase orders.

Seamless Experience

You can create your own booking experience, allowing complete control over the customer experience with the ability to track end-to-end with uninterrupted analytics.

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Simple Cart API

We take the hassle out of creating and managing shopping carts for your website. Simply use one of our development kits and be up and running with a production-ready experience quickly.

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Integrate Any Payment Provider

You are in control of the payment provider. Choose the provider that suits best for your business, get paid sooner and pay fewer fees. We support all providers. Simply handle the payment, and we do the rest.

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Simply Mark As Sold

Take payment with your favourite provider, then simply mark the created cart as sold within Different Breed ® and let our system process the order, send the tickets and create the after-sales entry.

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Let's work together to make a difference

We are looking for help from industry professionals to try out our software and provide their thoughts. We are using this feedback to shape features and create a brighter future for ticketing.

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