Events Without Barriers

With support for online and in-person events, you can trust that we are here, ready to power your digital presence regardless of your event type.

Event Management

Take control of your events with an event management solution that works for you. Plug and play with your favourite systems and embrace the freedom to deliver best-in-class experiences for your team and users on any device and system.  

Screenshot of the event dashboard user interface.

Booking Portal

Roll out your own booking experience that integrates with Different Breed ®. We provide all the tools you need to build a cart, allowing complete control over the payment provider and the checkout experience.

Booking Portal Website Example Screenshot

After Sales Dashboard

Software that boosts revenue and drives top-class customer experiences. Take control of your productions and performances in a software package that embraces the freedom to chart your own course.

Sales Dashboard Screenshot

Profile Management

A simplified profile management system makes managing key profile details easy and enables your team to grow and scale without limitations.

Profile Management Screenshot

Media Management

Full-featured media management empowers your team to build a library of images to use across events, all managed in one place.

Media Management Screenshot

Account Management

A single account solution for all your profiles. We remove the pain of remembering passwords for multiple accounts and provide a single secure login, complete with two-factor authentication, out of the box for free.

Account Management Screenshot

Our Commitments

  • Person holding green plant on black pot

    Sustainability Commitment

    Our mission at Different Breed ® is to create experiences that tear down barriers and empower people to be treated equally. This being said, there is little point in our mission if it can’t be shared with future generations.

  • 5 small polar ice caps floating on water.

    Sustainable Development Goals.

    At Different Breed ®, we aim to maximise our efforts to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a business, we are committed to building a more sustainable future for the next generation.