Sustainable Future

Sustainable Development Goals

At Different Breed ®, we aim to maximise our efforts to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a business, we are committed to building a more sustainable future for the next generation.

Gender equality.

We are fully committed to promoting a culture that ensures people are accepted and valued for who they are regardless of their situation. We are founded on the core value of bringing equality within digital experiences and that equality must first start within ourselves. Suitability or payment measures for positions within our company is never based on gender, race or creed. We believe in a workplace where people are treated as equals and work together towards a goal that inspires them. As a business, we want to champion the LGBTQ+ community and women within technology and push for change within the industry to hire more talent for opportunities at all levels. We believe that no one should ever be discriminated against for being who they truly are.

A crowd of people walking under a rainbow flag.
Two women sitting at a table with laptops laughing.

Decent work and economic growth.

We believe that opportunities should be given based on passion and commitment to a role, not upon qualifications alone. With this in mind, our business is committed to removing barriers of education and past employment from entry-level positions creating more job opportunities for people of all ages. We also have the goal to implement solutions that empower users to succeed regardless of the hardware they are using. An example of this is within ticketing, where we aim to remove the need for expensive scanning equipment and allow users to offer ticket validation using their existing hardware.

Life below water.

Oceans absorb around 30% of the carbon dioxide produced by humans. Preserving these delicate marine ecosystems is an essential step in tackling global warming and ensures that future generations can experience the oceans and marine life as we do right now. As a business, we support the global ocean cleanup efforts and commit to spending a percentage of our profits to helping clean up the oceans and remove plastic pollution.

Fish swimming amongst plastic floating in the ocean.
A person holding a small plant in their hands.

Life On Land.

Deforestation and wildfires and changing the world as we know it. Humanity is taking without thought of the consequences our consumption has on the natural ecosystems around the world. As a business, we are committed to ensuring that we give back more than we take. We understand that the industries we work with require paper products to thrive. Therefore we pledge a percentage of our profits to plant trees worldwide to restore natural ecosystems and ensure that both humanity and animal life can thrive for generations to come.

Climate action.

We are committed as a business to become self-sufficient within ten years of operating and putting more back into the environment that we use to run the business. This will initially be in the form of planting trees and cleaning up oceans to help reduce our business’s and the ticketing industry’s impact on the planet.

5 Small Polar Ice Caps Floating on water.